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Here's a question for ya

Posted by Wither , 12 June 2013 · 201 views


Imagine. A young girl of 15, alone in the city, working a low-paid job, trying to earn enough money to get back home. A customer, a man of twenty, comes into the shop offering friendly smiles. He is always with his girlfriend, but he flirts with the 15 year old girl. She is flattered.
The night of her 16 th birthday, she is working again when the young flirtatious man comes back in the shop. He gives her a flower, a wish of happy birthday, and asks when she gets off work. The girl is happy that someone gave her something for her birthday, and the young man says he has another gift for her. So she meets with him after work. The man's girlfriend isn't around. The "gift" is a bottle of Jack Daniels. The girl gets in his truck, holding the flower he gave her, and begins drinking with him.
It didn't take long. The girl was heavily drunk.
It didn't take long. The young man led the young girl beneath a bridge where he raped and sodomized her.

Was this really rape? The girl had flirted with the man. She was flattered by his attentions. She accepted his gifts on her birthday. She must have known, right? Yeah, she knew a few things. This girl was not innocent, but she was surprised by the pain of being flipped and violently entered. Afterward, he drove her to her street and dumped her out. She never saw the man again.
Was it rape? Is being drunk "no excuse"?
Does anyone know?

It was rape.

She was not able to give consent. She did not give consent.

And the man knew what he was doing from beginning to end. It was horrific. Utterly. Horrific. He's a complete b*******.

I'm really sorry this happened to a beautiful girl on her special day, and it happened because she trusted someone who was nice to her and he relied and played on that.

Tonight, the husband said that "being drunk was no excuse".

Thank you,Susanna.
Not sure what he meant by 'no excuse' - I could read it two ways:

'being drunk was no excuse for the man to assume consent' (I agree with this - he deliberately made you drunk, anyway. And he committed a criminal offence by buying alcohol for a minor.


'Being drunk was no excuse for you being in a situation where the man took advantage' - the man making you drunk was just another shameful breach of trust on top of what he did afterwards. You do not need to excuse your behaviour. You were manipulated throughout.
Rape! Point blank. Not a question legally, morally, or ethically. He was a predator and knew how to take advantage of the situation. I can not express this enough. I wish I could tell you until you absorbed it fully in your mind, but I only have this thread...........This was rape. This man violated many laws starting with providing alcohol to a minor, to vaginal rape to anal rape. The one other point I want to make is that he even knew it was raped because of where he took you to commit the act, and how he left you to never be seen again. He was hiding his actions. If you were 50 and chose to get drunk and party hard, it still doesn't give permission for anyone to harm you emotionally, physically, or sexually.

Unfortunately we abuse victims are color blind to predators and boundaries, making us very easy targets. Again he was a predator.

Take good care of yourself, and find a way to honor the trauma you have been through.

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