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I was attacked. Now I'm going in the wrong direction.

Posted by Brooklyn , 03 December 2010 · 88 views

Ok so I haven't ever written a blog before but I guess I'm writing it here to vent and because I don't expect a response, and people aren't really going to want to read about it.

But on wednesday I was walking home and I was cornered by a gang that live near me. They tried to steal from me, but I have little money to spend on myself and therefore little of worth for them to steal. The one thing they did take from me was my crutches. And considering I have a broken ankle and still had a long walk home on ice this made it difficult. I was beaten by about 8 people, kicked, punched, spat on. I also now have to pay for new crutches as the hospital don't take theft as a good enough reason to have lost them. Not entirely sure what qualifies as a good enough reason if being beaten by 8 people doesn't count. Maybe I should enquire....

But I'm bruised and battered. I told myself I'm ok but I'm not. Its triggered a massive feeling of vulnerability. I don't feel safe in my home anymore. I'm putting things up against the doors and windows in the hope that it'll stop anyone getting in.

Feel like I've taken several steps backwards :(:(

oh hun, that is a massive thing to have happen to you... and it's completely understandable you'd be feeling vulnerable. It is gutless and really cruel to have chosse to pick on someone who was obviously already vulnerable on crutches.

I think if you tell the hospital you were assaulted and the crutches were taken by the offenders you wouldn't have to pay.

have you reported it to the police hun, or do you have a T to call? Have you had a doctor check you over after the assault?

Just wanted to reach out and say, I'm glad you reached out here, and I hope you can reach out and get so support from people right there.

Sending gentle healing ointments infused with love and care to put on your bruises.

Hey LOH, thank you for your comment

The hospital won't pay for the crutches unless I have a police report/crime number or something as the hospitals are losing a lot of money because people don't return them apparently. But thankfully my T has managed to get them paid for by the department she works for.

I didn't report it to the police as I have an issue with them from when I was younger. They've failed me before, I don't trust them and the police are a massive trigger for me. Also the people that did this to me are well known in our area and you learn to just keep quiet, if I had reported them they would have known and this would have caused further issues for me.

Today I am feeling a bit better, I haven't been out for a week but tomorrow a friend is going to go to the shop with me. So maybe I have taken a small step forward...

Anyway thank you again for you reply, I appreciate it so much
Hope you are well

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