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If it is not one thing, well it is still one thing

Posted by Jennifer2782 , 08 February 2012 · 120 views

I am trying my hardest not to whine, moan and complain. I don't want anyone to think I am looking for pitty because that is the last thing I want...this is more of a venting entry and a chance to give thanks for the things/people I am not venting about.

For the past year or so, things have been kind of up in the air. This time last year I was working at a job I hated and me and my husband were living somewhere that we knew would not be suitable for much longer. But what to do?
My husband was working at the time in a place that was 65 miles away from where we lived and we were thinking it would be better to move closer to his work. For a while we couldn't figure out how to do it in a way we could afford, even though it would make more sense fiscally and every other way.
Finally we had had it where we were living and I was ready to walk out of my job any second, all they needed to do was give me a reason. My reason was right there, for the move up the mountain. So I sat him down and asked him if he wanted to move closer to work and he said yes, it would be better for us. He couldn't figure out how to do it and I told him I would figure it out. 2 months later we had moved, I had quit the terrible job and we were happier for a time.
Things got tight around the house again with me not working and we decided that I needed to go back to work. Found a job pretty quickly but it was in the next town over, close but not close enough. Decided that we now needed to move closer to my work and we did.
Found the cutest little crooked house that tilts in all directions and found a settled feeling. I was finally finding comfort in my world.
Like the house we found, loving my job and all WAS well for a time.

We have to move. Again. See, the realtor felt since they aren't LEGALLY required to let us know the house is in foreclosure that they were neither MORALLY obligated to do so.
Really?! Are you bleeping kidding me?!? I just can't believe that no one felt it would be the RIGHT thing to do to inform us. Guess how I found out? The lady from the courts came to post a notice on the door! Oh my goodness!
She was a very nice woman and very helpful. I asked her how long we had..she said on the outside, best case scenario is July. But it is more likely that the sale date will be set for April-May. Geez. Frustration reigns.
Here is my thankful part...
I have grown close to the people I work with. It may sound weird but I live and work in a VERY small town and when there are this few people that tends to happen. I am extremely close to the owner of the stores daughter, and the owner for that matter.
I went into work and was venting about all of this, just venting. And she asked what I was going to do. Obviously look for a new place and spend as little money as possible. I also said to her that she better not dare tell her father what was going on, I just wanted to vent and there was nothing anyone could do but me and my husband to fix this.
So she comes to me a bit later and says she did what I told her not to. I asked what she meant and she responded with 'I talked to father'. So I asked why she did that and she said because she did not know how to fix this for me and she so wanted to...but she knew her father could fix it. He offered to advance my paycheck so I could have moving money.
The two of them could make me cry, they care as much as I do about them and it is starting to feel like I have a family here. I could not believe how sweet she was, telling me all she wanted to do was fix it (I could still cry). And then him saying that he would do that is just amazing, that is not an offer easily made by him.
I am so thankful for the people in this world that all they ever try to do is the right thing. There are wonderful people all around sometimes it just takes blood, sweat and tears to find them.
I am glad I have found all of those that are near and dear to me, they help my world stay afloat.

Hey... I am glad you met such nice people. I hope things are gonna work out for you!
Feb 09 2012 06:52 PM
Thank you very much for the words and kindness, Kaneerica. I hope things work out too, I know with the people that are in my corner I can make it through anything. Thank you again!

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