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Go away you creep

Posted by wildnfree , 08 September 2013 · 143 views

There's this guy my class that really creeps me out. He reminds me my ex...he's really cocky and constantly says inappropriate things. During class last week, he accused me of staring at him and claimed I wanted his body :)barf/> Then he proceeded to to ask me to dinner and made crude comments about my body. This guy's in his mid-late 30's with kids!! I have no desire to be with him or anyone that looks at me like a piece of meat or automatically thinks everyone wants them.

I ran out of class as fast as I could. Honestly, it freaked me so much I've avoided class once or twice. But I can't keep skipping class. Just seeing him and how he acts causes flashbacks sometimes. I should've taken my guy friends advice and kicked in the b*lls when I had the chance :angry:

Sep 09 2013 12:01 AM
I'm not sure what country you're in wildnfree but in the USA I'd suggest filing formal complaints with your school's administration for sexual harassment and ask that he be dismissed or moved to another classroom. If you're here there are laws and policies to protect you from this, because it is your right to learn and work in safe environments.
Thanks. I'm gonna have to do something soon. That guy tried cornering me today b/c I've been avoided him and tried to putting his hands on me. I told him to back off and I'm not interested. He won't take a hint. :angry:

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