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Posted by hepless , 06 January 2014 · 114 views

just went on a hotline fir rape victims, spilled my whole story didnt recieve much direction, was asked if i thought about talking to someone, i stated i was as thats y i came to this live chat. Next i know they telling me there shift is up and have to leave. I WANT TO SCREAM I WANTED DIRECTION, STEPS TO TAKE......... I feel like I have spoke to much and got no where.  I just want to cry I want to curl up and go to sleep but thats impossible as when i do sleep my body jumps and i wake up then its back to racking my brain some more.why am i bothering why snd i trying. screw this 

I'm sorry that happened hepless, the person on the hotline shouldn't have done that, and should have been there to support you better. Please know we're all here for you at Pandy's. Sending you positive energy

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