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Can someone help me?

Posted by *Danielle1990* , 08 July 2011 · 167 views

I hope i can learn to cope with my past, I am planning on moving so that I can get away from people/places that trigger me with where I live. Somedays i don't know what to do, because i don't wanna talk to anyone and i wanna be by myself but i know that thats not possible for me to be by myself because i know that there still is a chance that i may relapse and start thinking about harming myself again,which is why i don't want to be hospitalized again, i want to know that i will someday be able to control my thoughts. I hope someone can give me some adivce on how to control this.

Thanks. :tealribbon:

Jul 11 2011 02:35 PM
just wanted to tell you, you are not alone. it is very difficult to live in the area of where all the trauma has occured, which does bring back memories.
I to have been through triggering area's. which 1 happens to be my own home. I wish i could give you better advice, but the best advice i can give you,is try to think of some happy times that you had in your life. or you can even when your down and out, and feel like you might relapse, PM me, i am here. we together can help each other. you are not alone. to me it sounds great that you are reaching out for help, that is a start. keep it up!

hugs if ok

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