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Nightmare came true!

Posted by Scars2009 , 11 August 2012 · 75 views

The man that raped me 4yrs ago charged up to me at my own home while I was outside smoking with my uncle. I saw him and he was me! I started shaking! He came up to me saying he was going to F***ing kill me and I just freaked out! I blacked out. Next thing I know I am in my uncles trucking going up by my dad and I called the cops. My uncle saved my life! He is now in jail for intimidating a Victim and something else and now today he tried calling me from jail.....Am I ever going to be safe!?!?!?!?!

I'm so sorry you had to experience that. Glad he's in jail now.
Scars- I'm so sorry for waht you're going through, it muct have been very frightening. I'm glad your abuser is in jail now.
im sorry that you have to go through this! if he continues to call you go to the police and get a no contact order and a restraining order plus press harassment charges on him. i know personally how hard it is to see the man who did horrid things to you. i see mine alot more than i care to but thats because i never went to the police and now its to late for me to. i hope things get better and just know you do have people who will help you and you have many people who will be there for you here as well. stay strong my friend!

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