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Feel like a failure

Posted by wildnfree , 01 May 2014 · 221 views

I'm really dissappointed in myself. I've a come a long way from where I was 7 months ago, but I've hit a wall.  Counseling has helped me, but I'm still struggling a lot in school. I'm barely passsing; I'd be happy with C's in all my classes at this point. My anxiety is flaring up big time. Getting help from disability services has helped, but not a lot. I'm skipping class, forgeting things every day, and in pain...I'm afraid of failure.
My school's really small and the English department is even smaller. I want to tell my professor's what I'm going through,  but I don't want to be known has "that girl with problems." I'm  less than 25 credits from graduating, but it seems so far away...I know I need help, but I don't know what to do. I'm tired of being a failure, I hate this....

When I was in college and going through a rough patch, I went to the dean of the college(who also taught me one class) and explained my situation calmly asking for a few extensions on assignments etc.

He was kind about it and agreed to give me a few extra weeks to get myself together and then he let my professors of my other courses know he had given the time to me.


You may not need to tell your professor everything but just enough to let him know you need a little help....hope you can find it and lessen the stress.....

Take gentle care!


If they think "that girl with problems" it will not be the first time. You are not the first and won't be the last. While it may be a big deal to you it likely isn't so much for them. It's normal to have some outside the average. It's their job to help the best they can. But you need to let them know you can use some help. That you are working at it, making an effort, but that there are things that you are dealing with that makes it harder.

May 02 2014 06:25 PM

It's OK to ask for help. 


I say this knowing how you feel and having felt that trepidation myself.  I know it's not a small thing.


In the end, passing with C's is fine.  You still get the credits.  Can you pick one class - the hardest one - the most behind one - and get an extension for that one?  It might free up enough energy for you to finish the rest.


Sending good thoughts.

Thanks everyone. You're right, even though I feel super uncomfortable opening up my professors about what I'm going through, it's what I need to do.


I'll talk to them next week....totally freaking about it though.

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