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Posted by janedoeissoconfused , 09 July 2011 · 88 views

Today I'm going to send a message to my attacker. I may not be able to go to court, nor will justice be served in an Earthly court BUT I believe in a Heavenly Righteous God who will be the judge in his Heavenly court. My God is a loving one who knows right from wrong. What my attacker failed to realize was it was not just him and his buddy in that room but that an All knowing powerful being was there and that my God will be the judge jury and prosector.

So today I'm going to send a message to my attacker. I'm going to tell him that what he did was wrong morally ethically and legally. He is going to know what he did wrong. I'm going to be in the back of his head for the rest of his life. He lost a friend who used to care about him and only wanted the best for him.

Today I'm going to send a message to my attacker, one that says I will move on and accomplish great things in my life while you'll live with the shame guilt and embarrassment of knowing what you have done wrong.

Hey Jane -

I like that you recognize that you will move on, and that the guilt and shame belongs to someone else. Don't be surprised if your attacker resorts to denial, or worse, blaming you - lying and being an assailant are all part of the same type of cowardly weakness. Do whatever it is that is going to help you heal, but do it being secure in your own strength.

And you're right, like you, I believe that God will not forget.

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