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Stupidity at it's Greatest. (blog about sex)

Posted by kjw9311 , 07 February 2012 · 83 views

The title says it all. My rapist texted me and asked about a 3-some. I agreed, but somehow it just turned into me and his cute friend...with the rapist watching us...

I'm not sure what got into me, but I might see this guy again. We like each other and possibly see it going forward.

But-that's not the point of this blog.

The point is that, well, sometimes I get too carried away, and forget that sometimes, you just have to be careful. .....I've had sex numerous times, maybe a little too much, for someone my age, and somehow I've managed to not get preg. The guy I was with asked me if I could have kids, and I said no. (I've been to doctors about it and such and no one's sure what's going on with my body). So we went on without protection, and now I feel for the first time even after having been with my ex, that this could actually happen.

I went out with my friend last night, and we exchanged sex stories like normal teenagers lol and she pretty much told me that I still had a chance of having a kid...so, I looked it up online today. I never really knew much about ovulation or periods, since I've never had one, but when I got to the info about ovulating I freaked. I thought that stuff happened because I was randomly turned on, not because my body was changing!

And now, I'm even more scared. I was with this guy on Sunday, and nothing has happened yet this month. I mean, each time I had sex I tell myself to not over-exaggerate things but...now I'm not sure :/ I was never on birth control or anything so...who knows?

Ahh yes...I understand. I'll tell you what I think and feel from what you've stated in your blog. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. This is what I call "playing with fire" as it's luring and appealing in its own way. I've done this more than I care to admit; however the joke's up once you do become prego. You're pushing things to the limit to see how far it can go. You've not reached your limit yet. Perhaps you'll continue on this path as is your choice to do so, or you can change it. You can change it if you so choose. It is all within your power. I say...do what makes you happy...whatever feels right.

Take care.
Well dear. Its not only you can get pregnant, you cant get HIV and many lot of other very dangerous stuff you will suffer the rest of your life with an illness. Please take a better care of just using a condom if the way you live your sexlife is making you kind of comfortabel.

Keep the head up.

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