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Little boys

Posted by Simpletruth , in Poetry 24 May 2014 · 157 views

So you're big men now,
Focused on futures,
Lives filled with fascinations and cares.
So you're big men now,
So your crimes become mistakes,
Your old hurts,
Your present pain.

But I'm a woman now.
Shouldn't my shining lights be brighter?
Instead I'm spun in the web of your old crime,
Filled with thoughts of my own mistakes,
Trusting you the biggest one of these.
Cowering in fear at the slightest touch
Hoping that maybe I'll be freed from the chokehold of pain,
But that day never comes.

But you're men now.
Older, wiser, stronger,
Free to roam and marry.
To have children of your own,
To call it an experimental disaster.

And now I'm a child stuck in a woman's body,
Still waiting on a rescue team that isn't coming,
Still expecting a mommy,
A daddy,
A person,
Someone, to rescue me.
But no one is coming.
Because we're all adults now.

So free your minds,
And free your lives,
Wipe your errors clear,
And give you freedom.
As for my mind,
Wrapped and coated in the bondage of years of torment,
Struck dumb my practiced silence,
Suffering with the ailments as results,
That's collateral damage.
Because why should we all suffer,
Just because some do.
Let. Them. Go?
Hell. No.

This is very powerful. :hug: if ok.

This really hits the mark.  It describes so eloquently the feeling of being stuck, broken, abandoned, and filled with helpless resentment at the unfairness of it - that those that did that to you can have normal, fulfilled lives, and are able to trivialise your trauma by describing it as a youthful error that anybody can make.  It's just not fair!

Thanks for sharing :metoyou:

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