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Weight Loss

Posted by cordeliaVorkosigan , 19 July 2012 · 83 views

So, I have a plan of action for my diet. I知 not good at counting calories. I never have been. The only time I count calories is when I use all prepackaged foods. They usually have way too much sodium and not enough protein. I知 just going to eat lots more veggies so that I can always have something to munch on. Food is still an issue with me. I gained a lot of weight years ago but have since lost over a hundred pounds. After being homeless, I started hoarding food and eating a ton of it. I was very possessive of food even. I知 over all that. I still hoard food. If I don稚 have at least 2 weeks worth in the house I get anxious. I always want to know that even if I have no money in the bank, we still have enough food to get by till my next paycheck. There are several other reasons that are good to build up a pantry. Of course buying products when on sale saves a lot of money. My main reason though, is just peace of mind that we will be fine and not have to eat mac and cheese or ramen noodles in order to have supper. Or worse yet, hot dogs. I loathe hot dogs. So, back to the diet, I find that if I知 not allowed to eat then I am hungry even more. So, the best way for me to be satisfied and happy while still not over eating, is to have healthy, low calorie foods readily available. I like popping open a can of green beans or spinach whenever. It痴 easy and I like them. My biggest issue other than being able to eat when ever I want is to stay away from fast food. It can be so hard when I知 too tired to cook or we are busy.

I like your plan of action. You're on the right track...at least that's what I think.

Take care.

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