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Hating this brokendown body I live in

Posted by bellachai , 19 July 2013 · 161 views

I would like to have a complete body transplant.

Why do I even bother with a primary physician? With my the history I have they should have done a culture to identify the bug I have instead they give me the wrong antibiotic that now has given me a yeast infection and stripped my tongue raw. All the while my UTI rages on. Stupid me for assuming they had done the culture.

My hematologist has done a culture one week after onset and have a lot of blood cells in urine. I of course am suffering. Hemotologist ordered a drug I have used in the past Tetracycline as I am allergic to penicillin but come to find out from the pharmacist tetracycline is no longer being manufactured.

This morning I got a call from hematologist's nurse to tell me that as soon as the doctor reviews the culture he will prescribe the appropriate antibiotic as well as something to get rid of yeast infection (now a days they have a one pill remedy). I eat yogurt everyday.

I am so wiped out with fatigue that I laid down for awhile thinking that if they call they would just tell me they ordered the antibiotic.

Wrong. They left a message but it was to ask me a question and to call them back. It was too late in the day to call when I woke up. Their office is closed tomorrow so looks like I have three more days to suffer.

Yeah I hate hate hate my body for it's betrayal. I so yearn for the days before my physical health began to fail me. :tear:

Blessings to all

Sending emotional support if it's welcome. I do understand challenges with physical health.
Jul 20 2013 09:44 PM
I hope you feel better soon.... I'm sorry they were not able to prescribe you something appropriate right away. :(

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