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My poor baby

Posted by Dollygirl , 07 July 2013 · 106 views

What happened to me haunts me, I'm learning to live with the pain, the nightmares and the feelings of guilt and horror but what I found out today, I will never be able to live with.

My darling little cousin, is perhaps one of the most important people in my life. She is bundle of joy and laughter, and very rude comments. She's now a teenager (scary for us all) and she has Down's syndrome, she's an extremely confident young girl, and I have promised to love and look after her for her entire life.

Today my auntie called my mother and told her, while in town, her mum let her go to the newsagents on her own, as she's 15 now, my auntie wants to give her some responsibility. All she saw was my cousin go into the newsagents and 10 minutes later run out and hide behind a pillar, and she was in the coffee shop across the road. My cousin then after a while, went into the coffee shop to see her mum, and when they both left, they saw police outside the newsagents and sirens etc.
Whilst my cousin had been in the newsagents, a 73 year old man assaulted my little baby, my poor little girl, whilst 4 other people were in there. She's so young and so vulnerable and is refusing to talk to anyone. I'm going away for 5 weeks in 2 days and all I want is for her to be okay :'(
I just want to see her and hold her :(

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