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Dropped T

Posted by SilverandBlue , 12 December 2013 · 236 views

I left a message for my T yesterday, saying that I waan't going to reschedule, or schedule any more appointments. I'm just tired of going. I always say that, "I'm tired" but it's always true. She responded within the hour, which is unusual, thinking that it was the money issue (I switched insurance and they don't cover her) and offering an adjusted rate.That's not the problem, I just can't handle it any more and I ned to go back where I am safe. I don't care anymore if I completely dissociate.
But then again, I woke up bawling this morning and got a text from my PT cancelling my appt today, which I desperately need because I am in pain, to bring her dog to the vet. (?!) Getting that ad knowing i had cancelled my T appt today just made my world seem like it had just collapsed. And still nobody can tell what is going on. I am just that good at hiding it. My mom just thinks I'm tired, but I'm sitting in bed completely shut down and angry. And I feel a very strong urge to do something drastic

Dec 12 2013 03:02 PM
*hug* if okay silverandblue???I know that today was clearly tough, and hope seems impossible. So I'll just sit here with you okay? At least you'll know that you're not alone...
Dec 14 2013 10:59 AM

Thank you, hugs are always ok :)

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