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rant . anyone else feel society is this way?

Posted by stronger98 , 17 April 2014 · 98 views

I Feel That If Somebody Is Not Happy The Majority Of People Turn The Other Way
Claim They Brought Depression On Themselves.
Simply State It's Their Problem Not Theirs And Walk Away.

Ofcourse Not Everyone Is Unsympathetic When Seeing Another Depressed, But I Feel Like Only A Few Are Empathetic.

Instead Of Judging Sad People And Claim They"Ve Given Up Willingly I Wish More And More People Would Try TO HelpThem Back Up

I feel this way too. Society turns a blind eye and sweeps problems under the rug. It's too sensitive of a topic for them, and I understand. From their perspective, they can't accept such things can happen. It didn't happen to them, they can't relate to the topic, but I wished they were able to relate to having feelings.
Apr 17 2014 10:41 PM

I do think so, sadly.


But, we are fighting the trend. We genuinely see one another, accept one another, stand together.


Thank you for that Stronger. You are one who stands with many of us. Thank you!

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