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More pictures Ive taken

Posted by Justin , 16 February 2009 · 93 views

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Playing with this little spinner is pretty fun. Had to steady the camera on a tripod to get this one.

Land trotter
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These critters are my favorite at the zoo. They are so calm and peaceful it makes me wish I could be more like them.

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I haven't done a bright picture for awhile so I bought some crayons and am hoping it helps brighten my mood some too.

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I thought this flower was interesting in the pavement.

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Just trying to look at things in a new perspective.

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At night outside my house with my S2 zoomed in all the way(12x optical and 4x digital zoom for a total of 48x zoom). Used a fast shutter speed.

Your pictures are good. I read some of your earlier blog entries and I am sorry that you are having a hard time. I know what you mean about not having much to say to help people. I am like that (plus I get nervous so I end up not posting at all).

Take care of yourself. Keep with the Photography you're good at it.
These pictures are really imagenative. keep up the good photo snapping!

Rock x

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