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Posted by MS7355 , 09 June 2012 · 32 views

The people all around me in my life right now are constantly in the state of mind that getting really "messed up" whether by drugs or alcohol is the way they want to live their life. I dont understand them because I dont want to live my life that way. I prefer to be sober, finding enjoyment without a substance even though that has its difficulties. I want to view the beauty in life instead of believing that it is because I am messed up.

I have a right to live my life in a way that makes me feel safe, stable and secure. I feel angry at them the majority of the time as if they are rubbing their fake joy into my face as if they have the answer. I get told frequently that I am "extremely uptight" or I just need to "cut loose a little". Is that really the answer? I just dont feel that it is, at all. I have no desire to drink or participate in other substances to try and make my life more enjoyable. Is that the only option people can come up with?

During this time in my life, healing and taking care of myself is the most important thing. I am willing to drop everyone in my life that cant support that. I am in therapy and I am moving into a new place away from these people. I am doing the best that I can to have a better life.

I feel the same as you, i dont like to drink or do drugs, i feel too out of control when i am out of it, i feel that taking care of myself is the most important thing at this point in my life too, i need to look after myself as no-one ever has before and perhaps i am worth it... so good luck in ur search for people who you want to have in your life and no drinking and drugs isnt the only option out there!
I can very much relate to what you have written. Being intoxicated is definitely not the only way to enjoy life. Personally I cannot see the appeal in staggering from pub to club, getting more out of control and waking the next morning being ill. And spending money to do it!

These people make you feel like an outsider for not joining them. Their criticisms of you seem to be an effort to justify their own choices. I admire your courage in rejecting what is not good for you and wish you every success in finding something that brings you beauty, pleasure and a sense of personal fulfilment.


I don't drink, and since everyone knows I'm adamant about it I hardly ever get drinking pressure. But God, do I bloody hate it.
If someone has decided not to drink, is it really that hard to respect that? If I was having lunch with a vegetarian I wouldn't start pestering him or her to have meat with me. Oh, and yes, I hate the "but you're so boring without alcohol" excuse, too. How the **** are you supposed to learn how to party sober if you're always forced to get drunk :rolleyes:? Besides, if I ever decide to get drunk it'll be for my own enjoyment, not because those around me think I'm too boring.

Boggles the mind.
You are being true to yourself and that is an awesome thing.

After drinking for more than 35 years, I gave up this year by going cold turkey.

The next day I started to learn how to scuba dive.

I can relate to your blog and to everyone's comments but surprisingly I have had very little peer pressure even from my friends who still continue to drink in the same way. I just say "No thanks! I don't drink!" With a huge smile on my face and the conversation immediately moves on to things, which are actually interesting.

It's true I leave events much earlier but that is because I have become a little reclusif and a bit of an early bird :D

I agree, taking care of ourselves and doing what we want to do because WE WANT to do it is the biggest part of healing ourselves. Dropping "friends" and family is a necessary part of creating a safe, healthy and "clean" environment for ourselves.

We all deserve it :D

Many Blessings to you and thank you for your blog.

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