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Posted by AMYS1974 , 02 May 2011 · 16 views

Well I just woke up feeling incredibly bitchy....I wrote the victims right activist because NOONE has called me from JRB this is so annoying. I held all this shit in for so long and now that it's out in the open and I want to get help noone is responding. I got a call from one of the agents working the case he left a message saying they are still investigating so basically saying he is giving me a status update that there is no status. blah blah blah this is taking too much time and energy. I am jumpy all over again and paranoid. There was a guy in the basement getting mail and my instant thought was he was going to attack me my heart started beating out of my chest and I kept thinking of ways to get out the situation and he walked right past me. This is so annoying I just want to be normal and not scared and not worried and not untrusting..............Him and his stupid mother are just worried about him staying in Jail well what about everyone elses life that HE tore apart. Not Me not Crystal but HIM. HE did this not me not Crystal noone but him. I feel so frustrated and angry and I just want to scream at everyone and punch them and kick them. But I can't I just be quiet as usual and pretend everything is fucking honky dory....

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