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*Trigger* You should have been precious

Posted by one.day. , 29 March 2014 · 111 views

High Triggers, take gentle care.
Needed to tell someone.

He looks at you. Its not affection, its a reminder of your past. A smug satisfaction that you are nothing. The metallic gleam of your reflection as he holds his favourite taunt. You finally thought things were looking up for you. You survived. You felt the kick in your stomach. A burst of life and love. A future of love. You had to fight, you had to leave. Run.

But you didn't. You didn't get away. Why didn't you?

You awoke. Where was the kicking? There must be some mistake. You only went for a little walk. A dream. No - in dreams - he wouldn't be holding your hand. You try to scream, you try to cry, but it fails. Like you did. You hear the bleeps, you see the blurred shapes of wires and people. But you can't see your bump as it was.

You pretend not to hear, you forget to register what you see. It doesn't matter. 'A random attack on a young girl as her step father looks on'. Heartbreak, anger, guilt. But still you said nothing. That was a life that was never yours. You should never have taken.

What made you so special? You had nothing to lose. You could of used your voice. But you were pathetic. You deserved the pain, it will never be enough. You may as well be him, shared life, shared ending.

Short on words. Just wanted to know I hear our voice. Very moving writing. Stay safe. Mand.
Mar 30 2014 09:38 PM

I love your style of writing! Very beautiful :)

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