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Emotional R*pe

Posted by laurenbacall , 07 November 2013 · 128 views

I am glad to find out what emotional r*pe is. It helps to clarify a few things for me or understand my abuser's motives. 
Emotional r*pe  can be defined as:
Emotional abuse characterized by patterned and purposeful behavior which purpose is to undermine and control the victim. It is an attack on the victim's personality rather than their body.
The term "emotional r*pe" implies a horrific crime, and that is exactly what the victim is going through.
In sexual r*pe, the term "without consent" refer to the victim having not agreed to sex. Emotional r*pe  is the abuse of someone's higher emotions -love, self-respect, compassion, admiration - without consent. That is, the 'rapist' doesn't tell the truth to the victim and coerces them into sharing these emotions with them while having a covert agenda. (i.e. - sex, money, etc)
Experts agree that emotional r*pe is far more complex than verbal abuse. While the latter tends to be erratic and direct response to specific situations, emotional r*pe is, quite simply, a systematic destruction of someone's personality.
Emotional r*pe is the exploitation of a person's higher emotions through manipulation and/or deception. In her true story, two people began a romantic journey and ended up completely estranged because of his need to use her emotions to get what he wants.
Emotional r*pe is the purposeful, systematic devastation of a loving heart by a predator. http://psychopathsan...emotional-rape/


OMG, that is what he did to me!  It was never real, like they said, just a predator selecting his prey and reeling her in until the time came for the betrayal, only for him it was a sudden betrayal after everything had been good.
Nov 07 2013 04:08 AM

Yep. Totally relate... Sorry you both know what this is like. Sitting with you. ♥

Nov 07 2013 09:16 AM

Yep. Totally relate... Sorry you both know what this is like. Sitting with you. ♥

Thanks Chantel! I appreciate your kind words. Sitting with you as well. This stuff is no fun for anyone. :(

Nov 07 2013 09:24 AM

Hi Mandy, I am sorry you have experienced this too. I like your words: It was never real! I will write them in my journal or My Story on Pandys. Thanks.

 I have not said it quite like that before. You are right, My abuser from college was just a predator that selects his prey and reels her (or me) in until the time came for the betrayal (seduce by false promise), Promise to be my boyfriend and love me and be there for me & not harm me ever. He never ever planned to do that! He was a rapist. Like with you.....Mine was a sudden betrayal, after all had been good. These type of abusers do not wait too long to make a move on their prey!  Take gentle care and I will as well. We can all heal together.


P.S> We win and they lose! They sure won't be recovering. My abuser is worse today... than yesterday. I spoke to him 1 and 1/2 years ago and he was so sadistic, bitter, cruel, glib, passive aggressive and without conscience! I did not know that your abuser gained your trust, allegiance or loyalty. This is what gave my abuser so much power over me and my mind. I think it was a powerful way of mind control or programming me. This is how I end up allowing him to do things to me that I was not wanting. I hate this stuff. sad.png

hmm...interesting....not sure.....

Nov 11 2013 01:45 AM

Hi flutefairy,

I am not sure which part of the blog post you're unsure of, but here is the link to the full article ...if you want to read more. Take gentle care. http://psychopathsan...emotional-rape/

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