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Posted by TiMe2HeaLMe , 22 October 2013 · 119 views

Why does my own mother make me feel so inadequate? My father has really hurt me by some pretty awful comments, making me feel completely inadequate, ugly and stupid. I'm thirty years old nearly but treated like some adolescent with nothing going for herself. They are the ones who are meant to be supporting me, instead they enhance the feelings that were brought to me when I was abused all those years ago. They have never taken my feelings, my relationships seriously. I'm not going to repeat what my own father said about my daughter!s conception. He didn't even have the guts to say he thought it, he just said that's what "every human being thought". My mother says she doesn't agree but she's got this sick twisted way of being diplomatic and kind of agreeing with both if us. She hates the way i go on and on about it and tells me I should be more confident and happy with myself. It's hard to hear it from my family when they are the ones at the moment making me feel so inadequate and stupid. I don't want to accept that my fathers comment was right and I don't want to accept that it was understandable that he made it because really deep down I know it wasn't.

My parents also made me feel inadequate, nothing I ever did was ever good enough for them. In the end I cut myself loose from them as I don't need people who put me down in my life. Not saying this is the solution for you but I would suggest that surrounding yourself with friends who are supportive instead of people who will put you down makes it more likely you will feel happier.
Oct 22 2013 01:50 PM
U are right, I have tried to cut them off in the past for the sake of my own sanity but something always stops me from doing it completely. Guilt plays a very big part in it. I don't know why I should feel so guilty though. I'm sick of carrying around guilt and shame wherever I go.

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