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Pain in the Neck

Posted by bellachai , 11 March 2013 · 118 views

in more ways than one!

A very sweet and special person here reminded me that I have not blogged in some time. I believe she was also reminding me that blogging has helped me in the past. She is correct.

I have been lurking here reading. Since my computer exploded I have been sharing my daughter's computer with her and her boyfriend so I never know how long I am going to have it. Sometimes I on purposely get up in the middle of the night to try to use it but half those times her boyfriend is up and using it.

For a time when I would attempt to blog my mind would just go blank. Empty, nothing and a void. So have been only typing status updates, Short bursts of words and replying to statuses cuz it also only requires short burst of sincere and caring words.

I literally have pain in my neck which seems to have gotten worse this winter. Some of the pain is fibromyalgia, some arthritis, some anxiety and stress. Some days it is so dibilitating not only physically but mentally as well. I take Lyrica for fibromyalgia and it helps alot but only a little in the neck shoulder region. I cannot take ibroprophen and the likes due to being on blood thinners. I can take tynenol if the pain is extreme but as little as possible again due to the blood thinners. I do take meds for anxiety an it also helps but I take it only at night as it makes me very sleepy when my fatigue factor is high due to anemia. Not much can be done for the arthritis. A chiropractor and/or a massage would be helpful but alas medicaid does not cover that and I am so poor I cannot afford it. Hopefully when I am approved for disability I can try those therapys. My daughter could massage my neck but she does not offer nor do I ask.

Dealing with my daughter, her boyfriend, my mother and now my sister are pains in my neck.

Have been going through some med changes and that is not helping much either getting to the right dosages.

Onward I go sufficating with depression.

Blessings to all here.


med changes here too.....and just got the official fibro stamp.

sorry for the physical and emotional pains in the neck.

always in my thoughts and heart. good to see you writing.

Hi Bella,

I'm sorry to hear you are having pain and not getting the right support you deserve. It's good to see you are writing. I hope things get better for you

Thank you both. :metoyou: :metoyou:

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