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Posted by MissHannah , 18 March 2013 · 145 views

Since starting to work on myself and my healing Iím questioning what I believe in. I wasnít raised with a religion, neither of my parents had specific believes. I havenít ever really questioned that much and havenít really believed in anything. I have had experiences that make me wonder about things. I believe there is something, I donít know what but some energy. I feel connected to nature and drawn to certain people, cultures, beliefs etc. I believe or at least feel something is looking out for me and guiding me, showing me something right when its needed. I donít believe when someone dies that has to be it, I believe your body is just a pshysical thing. Itís nice to be able to talk freely about these things. Iím getting more and more interested in meditation and yoga, talk to me if you are into anything that Iím talking about. I understand everyone has different beliefs, please respect that.

I believe there is something too. I was raised as a Christian and have come to believe in God in a very much more real sense in the last ten years. But now my understanding encompasses much more too - I used to be quite dismissive (in my mind - I never said anything) about other beliefs. Now it seems to me that they all share the same truth at their core.

It seems to me life affirming to discover these links...

Really pleased for you.

I was the same Susanna. Yeah I know what you mean about sharing the same truth.
I completely agree there, things feel like they make more sense.

Thank you :hug:
I get what your saying. I get the higher-power bit for groups and such, don't know if your familiar with that statement. I never heard it until my first appt with my counselor. I know for me that it feels like my entire path starts internally with my belief and my heart.
I am a huge nature lover and the aura, the life. Amazing feeling to sitback and watch and know, be apart of. I don't want to babble. I like the post. Very nice!
Nevetuli, you weren't babbling :). It's really interesting to hear other people that feel the same because this is quite new to me. I don't think I am familiar with that. Nature definitely plays a big part for me, it's spurring me on to get past my agoraphobia so I can be outside. Thanks for replying :metoyou:
You go girl! Right on..
One of my favourite quotes says that "we are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience." And I feel that this is true.

I believe in a 'higher power' of some sort and that this physical life isn't necessarily the end all be all of existance. I also feel drawn to certain cultures, people and beliefs (particularly Aboriginal/Native American culture/beliefs).

I've always felt a close connection with nature, especailly trees and mountains. Closing my eyes and listening the the leaves rustling in the breeze fills me with peace.

Wonderful post! :hi5:

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