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Good Day

Posted by Sammyxxx , 06 October 2013 · 188 views

So I am a part of a great social group, it's for folk who are into BDSM we meet 4 or 5 times a month and spend a day talking together. I think because we are open enough to share something so intimate about ourselves it makes for a stronger connection and friendship than you would get in any other group. Anyway we met up today and had a great afternoon just chatting. I spoke to a few people about my meds and how they are making me a little out of tune right now. Interestingly when you begin to open up about things you find that there are others in the group who also have ptsd and other anxiety disorders. One of the girls had been taking gabapentin as well, for her the side effects where too bad for her to continue with it. I am hoping the benefits when they fully kick in will outweigh any drawbacks so am sticking with it for the time being.

My plans for the future are to go back to college and complete a short course then with m certificate I should finally be able to get back to work again (at the moment I am either overqualified or under for every job I apply for). The pressure to find work is purely from myself, my husband earns a decent wage and is happy to look after me. So with the course not starting until February next year I now have some time to work on healing myself, my counselling starts in 9 days and I have my fingers crossed that it will help.

Anyway getting back to today, one of the girls not the one who was on the Gabapentin took time to talk to me knowing about my muscle pains and inability to do much in the of exercise due to the pain and actually showed me a few exercises I could do without hurting. I feel very humbled by this and also very grateful to have such a group of good friends. It is a shame that they all live a half hour bus ride away so meeting up with them more isn't too feasible but I am now hopeful at some point I will find someone who does or who has a car and is willing to come to me so we can go out for walks and perhaps do a bit of yoga and stuff together at some point soon. I am getting so much better and talking to new people all the time and feel that in being open with people I am making progress and also helping my friends to as I said many of them have similar issues and a problem shared is a problem halved as they say.

In the morning I shall do the exercises and hope that I can build from them slowly over time.

Oct 07 2013 10:49 PM
I find BDSM makes sex work for me too. It was the magic discovery that made it ok, itt was such a relief to find it. I used gabapentin for 6 months for chronic migraines. It really helped with my ashma too. In the end i went off it because it made me very tired all the time. I hope it works for you though.

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