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Ditching forever (tw for language):

Posted by Simpletruth , in Personal 24 July 2013 · 35 views

I want to ditch you.
And you.
Maybe not you.
But everything is debatable.
My whole life is a variable.
I want to be drunk.
Or maybe not that far gone,
I just want to quit sitting in the bubble of regretful mourning,
And cross over into the illusion of fun,
I'll do anything for illusions any day,
Easier than abandoning ideas of safety,
And succumbing to the truth about abandonment.
I understand completely.
You don't want to do this.
Trust me.
I'm not okay tonight.
I won't ever be really.
I'm such a good pretender that I've completely crossed realms.
I'm fooling myself,
And everyone else.
I'm good right?
I'm such a perfect proud
I want them back.
The perfect lines,
With even spaces.
I'm cravings pain,
I'm craving mouths that aren't mine,
And I don't care,
So please,
Don't do this.
This isn't love.
Don't do this.
I'm a tormented little whore,
And the truth is you're better off as far away from these tainted waters as you can get.
I'm a black widow,
Call for help.

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