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Met a Zombie

Posted by bellachai , 09 September 2013 · 199 views

I have long term health care. Three times a week they come and clean my home. I can also have them run errands for me. It is very helpful.

Due to my anxiety/PSTD I prefer to have the same person. Having new people in my home makes me jumpy and very nervous. I had two regular girls but one got married and moved to California and the other just graduated college with a finance degree.

Today was a new person. She started in the kitchen and a half hour later she came in the living room and told me she felt like she was going to pass out. I told her to sit down til it passes. I told her it was okay if she left if she did not feel good. But she said she would "muddle through it". Okay but I really wanted her to leave cuz she just seemed off.

She is much older than I am. I would be surprised if she weighed 90 pounds; just skin and bones. Her pallor was kind of yellow. She spoke very slowly like talking took her breath away. She could not finish vacuuming cuz she got so out of breath. Then she was telling me I should replace my carpet with less puff to it so it would be easier to vacuum. (Yeah I will get right on that).

She also did some coughing that sounded not good and that freaked me out cuz the last thing I need is to get a cold.

The bizarre thing she did was pull her shirt up to show me how skinny her stomach is and my daughter's boyfriend was sitting right there. Just so weird.

She was unable to do even half of what the other girls got done. I think she needs long term health care. She really did look like a zombie. It kind of freaked me out. I had visions of her having a stroke in my house. I even feel guilty cuz I think her health is worse than mine. It was painful to watch her.

I called the office as soon as she left. They need to know if one of their employees feel like passing out and obviously not well. I asked them not to send her again.

I wonder if I will ever get past PSTD and the anxiety. I nearly jump out of my skin whenever my daughter and boyfriend open their door cuz it makes this popping noise.

I hope this lady goes to the doctor and has her health issues addressed.

Sep 10 2013 11:21 AM
Sitting with you as you get to know your new helpers. :hug: if OK.
Sep 13 2013 01:05 AM
Wow, that sounds like such a stressful situation. It's hard enough to allow people into your home, but when the person is a little "off" or seems disinterested in the work, it can make the situation so much more painful. I'm sorry you had a bad helper, though am proud of you for calling and asking for a different person for next time. It sounds like the lady who came to your house is truly sick and I hope she will get some sort of medical help if that is the case. Hope you'll get another person whom you click with (and, who doesn't freak the bejeezus out of you ! ;)) on the next visit.

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