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so meanwhile here's what people *aren't*. talking about. *TW*

Posted by lilyvanilla , 17 September 2013 · 99 views

Ok, so.

I finally really get why people seek revenge. I really do.

Um. right. back to point.

As put.

Meanwhile here's what people aren't. talking about myself included: my ex. or, rather, what he did. by which I mean threatening to r*pe me oh and also this coming Nov. referring to me as a 'vindictive little b****'. My parents, sister, sister's ex know he threatened to r*pe me. [again not my choice to tell them since if it had been, well....].

No, see, my ex was the one who actually threatened me. not my friend. but I guess people think that bc we - my ex and I I mean. obviously - broke up that I won't get at him. and ok so I haven't. up until recently. should I have? well no. but I did. I obviously want something from him even if it isn't good. whenever someone does something like that that's how it goes.

they don't know this [no of course not].

but no one's been like. all that worried or anything about this. no bc they didn't know. er I don't think they do/did that my ex was also. staying w/ me. er. not at the same time my friend was. about a year ago or maybe a little more my ex was staying w/ me for 2 wks bc he was out of work and didn't have anywhere to go. and um. we were in love. well ok I still am in love w/ him.

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