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Not sure what to write

Posted by redballon , 01 May 2014 · 42 views

I am red i started to goto therapy for the first time in feb. Posted Image
I am not sure how everyone elses therapy works but i am supposed to see one lady. Right now though she is ill so every week i go i get another person the last few times i have been its been a man which is ok and i prefer to talk to him than my actual therapist. before the man i had another lady but she never spoke to me again. 
She asked me weird questions that made me very uncomfortable especially considering i had just met her. I find it hard to trust people with what happened to me and i am not sure getting new people every week is helping me. 
sorry for jumping around alot. The male T thats been covering sometimes has given me an image of a fileing cabinet with happy memorys (yellow files ) and other memories ( grey or black depending on the seriousness). This helped me because everytime i think about the other memorys i now try and pull out a yellow file with like good memorys in. its helping me to get through the nights more so i am glad i spoke to him. 
I am not sure what a blogs supposed to be like but if anyone has experience with therapy. can you tell me if its normal not to know who i will speak to each week ? 
Thanks Posted Image
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Hi Red.  I'm thinking (and hoping, for your sake) this is just a really unusual situation due to one therapist's illness.  Normally, you should see the same person every time because you cannot be expected to open up and be vulnerable with someone you don't know at all.  It can take months or even years for a safe, trusting relationship to build between a client and their T.  Getting help for emotional problems is not like having a flu vaccine, after all, and I can't imagine being in your situation.  Unless something changes fairly soon, it doesn't sound as if this is likely to be beneficial for you.  Perhaps you should ask for some clarity on how long these stopgap measures are likely to last?


As far as your blog is concerned, there really isn't a formula.  You get to express yourself and use it to ask questions, give vent to powerful feelings or just process your thoughts and sometimes other people choose to respond - that's all.  Just feel free to be.



Hi thanks for replying :-) Thanks for the idea I will ask them next time I talk to them. Thanks :-) So much have a nice weekend Red

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