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Music that means alot to me TW swearing/dr*gs

Posted by MissHannah , 02 April 2013 · 58 views

Eminems music has always been a big part of my life, this mornig I'm listening to..

Not afraid :)
Cleaning out my closet, this song has meant different things to me throughout my life.

TW for drugs and swearing

The line "Imagine seeing your mamma popping prescriptions pills in the kitchen, going through her purse always insiting shit's missing." :\ (not the right words but shh lol)

"See what hurts me the most is you won't admit you were wrong, bitch do your song, keep telling yourself that you were a mum"

Sing for the moment. I love this song. The way he talks about parents I think it's great. About walking around with headphones blaring, fair enough teenagers do this kind of thing but people need to stop putting everything down to age/puberty/school/ and everything else. Look at home first.

Lose yourself. I plan to get a few lyrics from this tattooed soon :D.

I like the idea that they should look at home. What songs precious? So that I can lsiten to them. please :yahoo:
The songs i've been listening to are

Not afraid
Cleaning out my closet (trigger warning here)
Lose yourself. This song makes me want to fight harder :D
I am so going to TUNE them up!!!! :yahoo: Rock on

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