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Posted by wildnfree , 09 November 2013 · 143 views

Today I feel alone...I've felt like that for a while now. I just want to be in a better place than where I am now.

Sorry you feel so alone. I can relate. Do you have anyone close by you can reach out to? Maybe even call the crisis line? Sometimes for me just hearing another voice helps. 


Please take gentle care.

The family and friends I usually reach out to will be home for the holidays though. I talk to a T at school. My appt isn't for another 2 wks, but I'm gonna see if I can push it forward. Things have been really bad this week.

Your not alone, we are hear to listen and support you. Reaching out with a gentle hug and smile. Moving up the session may be a good idea. Missed my session last week and texted my T almost everyday just to touch base. I need to know he is there. Take care

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