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Insult to Injury

Posted by bellachai , 02 February 2014 · 218 views

I have a bad habit of forgetting to turn off my oxygen machine when I get up in the morning.  I did remember yesterday morning to turn it off.  Sometime in the middle of the night I woke with a pounding headache which usually means I am not getting enough oxygen.  In the dark I see the machine is not on at all (my oxygen is fed through the CPAP machine which blows air up my nose).  So I have been working on this almost migraine all day.  I am giving up after posting this and turn on my oxygen machine first and go to sleep.  Tomorrow will be a better day.
This morning I was playing with Ellie the puppy.  We were playing tug of war.  We dropped the rope and as we both lunged forward one of her nails skidded down my forearm slicing it open to bleed.  Did not hurt but sure is a pretty red half moon tattoo.  The hazards of taking blood thinners.
A little while later my daughter's boyfriend was playing with the dogs and getting them all riled up while she and I just looked on.  I was in my recliner with the foot rest up. The monster puppy decided to get away from him by jumping on my legs to jump on the couch and my computer went flying.  Nice scratch and bruise on legs and one foot  Thankfully my computer survived the trip across the livingroom.  My daughter demanded that the boyfriend stop playing so rough and getting them all riled up.  The boyfriend was restless and excited in waiting for the Superbowl game to start.  A little hyper.
My daughter and her boyfriend where speaking about his family and their types of craziness.  I was just listening.  My daughter turned to me and said "you must have and addictive personality mom".  I looked at her for a moment then smiled and said 'ouch'.
I am so angry with myself that I did not say what I wanted to say which would have been: 'Oh how long have I been in a coma?  Must have been years since I don't remember you getting a degree in psychology."  Or I should have told her that she really should read up on addictive personality types before she goes around hurting people with such a statement.
I know for sure I am not addicted to being insulted.  I hate today so I am going to bed.  I am on the verge of being weepy and I don't want to be. God I am tired of it all.

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I'm thinking of you. I'm so sorry your daughter says these things to you. And I'm sorry you're not feeling well because of the oxygen. Get some rest. I hope tomorrow is a better day, more than I can say.



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Please get some rest and feel better.


I wish you had said something to your daughter. One, you don't say something like that to anyone because that is just rude. Especially someone you love. Two, does she truly know what an addictive personality is about? I agree with you, she needs to really read up about it and then offer you an apology. (I know that will never happen, so please don't hold your breath waiting.)


If you were out on the street buying illegal drugs to get a fix then I would say you have an addictive personality, but I am sure you are not doing that. I am sorry she hurt you yet again. She needs to grow up and learn to truly appreciate you as her mom.

Here for you anytime you need a friend.
Take care sweet friend.

much love and hugs...hope you feel much better soon my friend. xxx

(((Bella))) I'm so sorry. First, the migraines are pure hell; I know, because I get them too. What your daughter said was uncalled for. I'm so sorry she does that to you.

Feb 06 2014 01:52 PM


Thank you everyone.  I appreciate your kindness and caring more than words can say.


My daughter is very blunt at times and she was not like this prior to the boyfriend.


It is just sad.

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