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Posted by AMYS1974 , 06 April 2011 · 13 views

Well my middle daughter called me yesterday and told me her grama told her that her dad wanted her to know he is being charged with sexual assualt but she is not allowed to tell her older sister or younger brother! My kids are 20 in May, 18 and 16 in May so he wanted her to carry this all by herself because he is a sick disgusting person. She called me crying and shaking so bad I was so pissed. Anyway I ended up telling my 20 year old so that my 18 year old wasn't the only one to carry it. This is getting ridiculous and it's SOOOOO abusive to put that on her! He is so selfish and his mother is a piece of work! Anyway my son still doesn't know why his dad is in jail and I really don't know how to tell him. But I am going to tell him. I feel so tired. So frustrated. So helpless. :bawling:

It's not your fault or your childrens fault, it's his and his alone...I know my words are only words but I wish I could say more. I don't support him in any shape but you and your kids I do
I know it's not my childrens fault or mine. But it definately is his.....thank You for your kind words.

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