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Pain in the Neck

Posted by bellachai , 04 April 2013 · 158 views

literally my neck pain has progressively gotten worse since I fell and broke my arm and ankle.

I know it is not from the fibromyalgia cuz my meds for that do not the pain. I cannot take ibroprophen or tynenol due to the blood thinners. I cannot walk around with a heating pad on it all the time. I called my primary doctor leaving a message with his nurse requesting an xray to see what is going on if anything other than arthritis which he said I could do if I wanted to do but if it is arthritis there is not much that can be done. I already do excersizes everyday and it does not seem to help any. I have yet to hear from the nurse.

Soooo... I had an appointment with my hematologist today expecting to get chewed out for missing my appointment and not having my blood labs done. They took my blood while there. He did not chew me out cuz he was pleased to see that the liquid rust with a grape aftertaste I have been taking for my anemia is working. My red blood cells are normal sized finally and hemogloblins are rising. I spoke with him about my neck and he ordered my xray for me.

So today was a good news day really. However, all the doctors I have and health issues are a pain in the neck figuratively.

Blessings to all

relate to this too. the rheumatologist who ordered all the tests recently said as well as the fibro i have some arthritis in my neck. that's all she said about that. the pain sucks. i'm glad you're getting current xrays to check things out. hope they can find a method of pain relief that doesn't mess with your other meds.

and REALLY glad you got good news from your hematologist! wonderful to hear something is going right.

you are always in my heart.
Awe hugs to you Bell... :metoyou:
Apr 06 2013 11:14 PM
I hope you feel better soon.... Regardless of what they find with the x ray, I hope you are able to push and advocate for yourself, and get some kind of medication to help with the pain. If you can't take ibuprofen or tylenol they should still be able to prescribe you something to bring the pain down, it's just that it's not available over the counter.

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