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Posted by starq , 27 June 2012 · 202 views


¿a dónde vas cuando no hay ningún lugar adonde ir?

¿a quién recurre cuando no hay nadie a la vista?

¿cómo puede continuar a correr
cuando las piernas no se mueven?

a solas con sólo estos pensamientos en mi cabeza

solos encerrados en el interior


don't know what it means but i detect pain. shine bright, stay strong dear friend. here for you. xx
Mi hermana, mi estrella: No estas solo. Estoy contigo. Estas conmigo. Estamos juntos para siempre. Hablar conmigo. Estoy aqui.

Muchos abrazos,
not alone starry. i wish i could be with you in person, to hug you every day too, but you can always turn to us. never alone.

(((hug))) message me anytime.
That was touching Star.

You always have us here to turn to and my house for hanging out. :) We walk this road of recovery as a group and will find a way.

Safe and comforting hugs friend. :)
Jun 27 2012 12:48 PM
Sal de tu cabeza. Es un lugar peligroso. No hay necesidad de que sus piernas a trabajar cuando sólo sus propios pensamientos que se están ejecutando en. Yo he estado allí. Mire hacia fuera y verá gente que se preocupa y quiere ayudar. Me disculpo por mi español malo. Yo os envío el apoyo y los abrazos. Manténgase a salvo.
it's hard, I hate feeling that alone, all closed up with no where to turn. I'm glad at least for pandy's. Even when your legs fail you and you feel you can't take a step I hope that being here gives you people who will help you move forward. Who will put their hands on your back and run to help you get up that hill of sand that keeps pulling you down two steps for every step you manage, or when you can't even move with help, you'll feel us carry you. I hope this can be a place of rest.
When no one visits you, or you can't visit anyone or go anywhere, it's hard, I know, I wish I had good advice, but honestly the internet and qigong are my escape.

I hope you can get some fresh air, and start to feel a bit less alone soon. I know it's hard hun, sitting with you.
Wow ye al no understand me.. eve n when a dnt :rolleyes: thanks al lots x

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