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Interesting Twist

Posted by Iammealways , 01 October 2010 · 183 views

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What should I do, if my perp is being fed things to hurt me?

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So, my perpetrator is mad that I found a guy who treats me well. For some reason, he wants to keep me in miserable shape because then it justifies his actions. Oh, yeah, and the asshole father that I have said he would help him. But I am stronger than that. Apparently, my perpetrator has issues. Not sinking down to his level. I can fight off what he throws at me. I'm more important than that. No better or worse than anyone else, but better than him.

I don't know your entire story but I have to say your father is a real jerk. How could he possibly be helping out this individual who has made your life miserable adding insult to injury. We all have the same type of problem here but some of us are burdened by cruel intentions after the fact also. I'm sorry you have to deal with this...
Jun 11 2015 02:21 AM

That's awful :( I'm sorry he has done that...

Have you been better?

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