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Posted by SomebodyLoveMe , 19 June 2013 · 55 views

i've been experiencing panic attacks more frequently and they're lasting much longer. most of the time they happen at night, though, and the "as needed" anxiety pills my psychiatrist prescribed me on don't help anymore. from late monday night to early tuesday morning i had one that lasted for SIX HOURS. that's the worst it's ever gotten, and the strange thing about it is that i have no idea what triggered it, or even what i was panicking about. all i know is that i was fearing for my life, and again, i don't know why. i'm not sure who i thought was going to hurt me. it wasn't even the monster that landed me here in the first place. so i don't really understand why this is happening, but it's disrupting my sleep, which really throws a wrench into the next day. i hate it.

I hate anxiety issues/panic attacks. I am a "mind over matter" person, and think control is the key. However, I found out this is easier said than done. I had to ask my Naturopathic Doctor for help, when regular physician approaches were not right for me. Right now I take Ignatia Amara 6c which can be purchased at health stores such as Whole Foods. I'm very sensitive to anything, so I can't take the full dose....just two under my tongue in the morning, and two in the evening. A LICENSED -or board certified Naturopathic Dr. that specializes in mental health such as Anxiety, bipolar, PTSD, etc. can really help in these areas. They go to regular medical school then continue with a specialty degree in Naturopathic medicine. Some will even work with your primary care doctor even if they are out of state. The medicine is fairly inexpensive, but a Naturopathic Dr. can be since insurance doesn't cover these areas. Not sure if that is an option, but six hours is a horrifically long time to deal with a panic attack. Good luck and take care.
Jun 20 2013 02:27 PM
thank you for the advice. it's definitely worth checking into, because it feels like i've tried, and failed with, everything else. last week my doctor put me on a new antidepressant and i've had some very counterproductive side effects to a handful of other medications. i'm not sure if that's feeding into it, though.

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