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And meanwhile, in my house of Mand's.

Posted by Mand , 28 March 2014 · 142 views

I have just closed my eyes and visited my Mand's. There is one child, no - still two children. They are holding hands. They look far more similar than they did. I believe this is due to giving the Silent One her voice. Manderoo can now touch her, play with her. She talks in whispers with her. I have heard her giggle. I think as the adult Mand's start to accept these children, their stories, their truths, so they will 'grow up' and leave, or become joined with an adult Mand. The Bad Parent is slightly tense, but in control. I think this relates to my controlled anger and feelings at the events of the week. I did not feel the need to self harm. After an initial feeling of "I'm a fuck up, I've mucked up" I was able to become far more rational and kind to myself. This is why Maternal Mand is so very content. She is pleased with the other Mands. Wicked Mand.....Not here for now. That is good. I sense she is 'safe', for now. Inner bitch, stroppy teen. Also, for now, not in the house or garden. Interesting.......
As the weeks go on, I am sure that some will reappear, but I am hoping, that eventually, there will be one Mand. One complete Mand who contains all these Mand's. Accepts them all and who is happy. What a wonderful thing that would be.


I love hearing about your care and concern for all these Mands :)

I'm rather fond of them too. They no longer scare me. I can hear my T as I write this: "Sounds like you are working well with accepting all of you Mand!"

this is good

Mar 28 2014 09:16 PM

It's heartening to hear how well you're all doing and how you're moving toward one another.

Mar 31 2014 07:26 PM

It makes me smile to think of your love and care for all of these young ones.  :metoyou:

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