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Making a change

Posted by Orchid , 02 July 2013 · 143 views

I'm at that point in life where changes are happening at a rapid pace, but at the same time it feels like forever before I'm through this particual cycle of change. My body is so tired, but every time there is pain and change there is growth. I wish I had a magic glass that I could see where my choices and this change leads me so I could know what to do right, instead of wrong. I struggle like I am in the dark blindfolded when going through change. I basically make a choice and it feels like a shot in the dark. I don't know if it's the right choice or wrong choice until I reap either the reprecussions or rewards from it. My only hope is that I keep moving forward and not backward. Unfortunately I also know that I'm the type of person to take two steps forward and one step back.

Keep moving forward, it sounds like you have already come a long way!

Keep moving forward, it sounds like you have already come a long way!

Thanks Stephanie......

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