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Timeline. thingy. starting last Dec. *TW* for mention of dri***ng, hos**ce, de**h.

Posted by lilyvanilla , 11 September 2013 · 60 views

So last Dec. 22nd, 2 days before Xmas Eve [and I don't like Xmas to begin w/], I was SA'd. again. for the 3rd time. Only 7 people know: my good friends Evan and Pat/Sage. my friends Kim, Joe and Gwyn from the bar. the owner of the bar. and my ex.

I don't know if I should put the details in here yet [or even ever] so I won't. I think everyone here realizes how powerful and big and impactful and awful it is.

Um. So 2 years ago this coming Nov. I started dri***ng. Because of PTSD. And last year was my worst time of it, in the winter.

Ok, so.

In Jan. [of last year] I discovered my dad's mom had gone into hospice. She's still w/ us btw.

And then the next month either Feb. 8th or the 10th, that weekend my ex and I broke up. it was mutual. he didn't have time for me. The 12th was my parents' wedding ann. I got them flowers.

Ok so on March 13th one of my best friends Pat/Sage.um. 'left', us.

May 3rd, something major happened to me. I can't talk about it here.

Later that month I, not of my own accord, moved out of my place. took all summer to get my place ready.

So other than my sister scaring me over the summer nothing major has happened. so far.

*Oh and last April I started experiencing symptoms of schizoaffective disorder. which I was diagnosed w/ when I was little.apparently. er I think it was last April though it might've been the one before.

**Oh and then this spring I was cheated on. which has never happened to me.

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