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Why Do I even need a counselor?

Posted by laurenbacall , 29 November 2013 · 154 views

Hi All,
I am just reminding myself why I need a counselor in my life. I have always done everything by myself and it is hard to just nip that in the bud. But I am gradually seeing the light. I do need help and support from a therapist.
                                          Why Do I even need a counselor?

I mean... I am the one doing all the work.

Because being held accountable – having to “check in” with someone to review         your progress is a powerful motivator.

If you don’t tell anyone what you are trying to accomplish, where’s

the motivation to push
through the hard times? You don’t have to broadcast what you are doing to
everyone, but having someone you are accountable to is a powerful tool for
succeeding in any endeavor.
Return on Investment. Human nature is such that if you have no
“investment” you are not nearly as committed to seeing the project through to
completion. We get serious when it costs us something. Getting something
for free is great – but you really only put your whole heart
and soul into something when you have made an investment – whether it be
an investment of time, money or any other resource you value. In this case, it
works both ways. You do not want to waste the counseling fee or a coach that is
committed to your success.

I totally agree.  There is a lot to be said about accountability.  Personally, it's too easy for me to retreat into a mode where I pretend nothing is wrong, and little pieces of me explode at random times because I cannot keep it inside.  I cannot function like that.  Seeing a counselor gives me a safe place to talk about things, cry if I need to, and basically leave all those emotions there.  It feels like a cleansing - and I certainly feel better after.  


Thank you for sharing!



Dec 01 2013 01:10 AM

Well Said! I like everything you wrote. :))

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