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The Pivotal Moment of Healing in Therapy

Posted by Mand , 02 April 2014 · 178 views

In my last session with you,
I had the strangest feeling,
When you said:
"Mand, can you see any parallels with you,
And the camp survivor your daughter met?"
I felt dizzy.
My head spun.
I zoomed out of my body,
And I could see both of us,
Sat there.
You looking at me,
I looking at you,
Frozen in place.
Hardly daring to breathe.
Because I realised,
In that instant,
That by saying
I would be finally allowing myself to let go,
To forgive myself,
To heal.
And who knew it could be so scary,
So exhilarating,
So hard.
Just to utter one word.

I understand that this was a start,
A beginning.
That I have a long, hard road to travel.
But I will go there,
Because I want to.
For me.
For that little girl.
Who is silent no more.


Beautifully written. Profound.

Mand this is so powerful, I can feel the emotion you feel as I read this. 

You will have company on that road.

Apr 02 2014 06:16 PM

So beautiful.





Apr 02 2014 10:16 PM

Mand, this is the definition of hope. This is the definition of courage. This is the definition of healing.

Really beautiful!  Thank you for sharing this. 

happy for you

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