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Posted by CountingStars , 16 September 2013 · 123 views

Sometimes I have these weird moments where I over think things, last night for example- I was lying on the sofa feeling a bit down and crappy, I didnt want to go to school the next day, I knew it would be the same old horrible-ness (just created a word) but I told myself that its only 5 days then the weekends.. then i thought, why am I so excited for the weekend? Its just days to do homework and feel very lonely and bored. So I told myself I only had 6 months left of school, then I go to college, I meet new people, get decent teachers.. But whats so great about college? Wont it just be a repeat of highschool, a repeat of endless days, endless misery.

Its thoughts like this that make me wish I wasnt so different. Anyone else I know would think - not long till college!! Then I'll go to uni, become a lawyer, or I'll become a teacher and I'll teach philosophy.

Perhaps I'm to gloomy for my own good, but perhaps the people I know are to naive.
I really dont know.
I'm loosing the motivation to get up in a morning.

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