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fed up of the damn NHS and there stupid systems

Posted by Nixie , 25 February 2012 · 52 views

ok so this last week i have been shoved from pillar to post, majority of the time ive not known whats happening and staff have repeatedly lied to me.
ive been in hospital since about 8th january and finally starting to go on overnight leave. thats fine, im happy to be going home more often but my argument is that for the first few times i would like to do it when someone will be around at home rather than go back to an empty house. but my consutant disagrees.
last friday however my consultant was not in my ward round and so the junior doctor agreed with me and delayed my leave till monday and tuesday night when my housemate would be at home.
i went back to the ward at midday on wednesday as planned but was in a bit of a state. i had SI'd whilst at home and told them that i didnt feel safe enough to go home that night when no one would be there.
i was left hanging around the ward until 6.30pm when my doctor eventually came and saw me (in this time 3 female admissions had come in while i was still waiting). my doctor turned round and said there was not a free female bed for me on the ward so i would have to be transferred. rediculous! if he had come and seen me earlier while there were 3 free beds it wouldnt have been a problem. i told him i would be happier to go home than to be transferred as i would find it very unsettling to go to a new ward in a different hospital the other side of london, but he said he wasnt happy to send me home because i was so distressed. so i was transferred
the next day in the other hospital i was told that i was going to be staying there for a few days until they had a bed for me at my local hospital. then at 5pm i was told that i was being transferred back to my ward becuase they had a bed.
it wasnt till i got all the way back to my hospital that i was then told there was still no bed and i was going to be sent home for the night. i was fuming, what had changed in the last 24hours to mean i was now safe to go home? i hadnt seen a doctor in that time so who made that decision? if they had told me earlier in the day then i could have prepared myself for going home but they lied to me. they knew full well i wasnt being taken back to my local ward and yet they told me i was.
anyway that was thursday night. they brought me back with full intention of sending me home and yet no one had bothered to order my medication. i had to hang around till it was late enough to take my night time meds then go back to the ward first thing to have my morning meds, how stupid they had all day they could have ordered them no problem.
i went back to the ward at 10am on friday and it took an hour for someone to get me my meds (is it really that hard!?) and then got told to wait to be seen by my doctor.
there was still no bed for me so i have now been sent on leave for a week but yet again i was waiting so long to see my doctor that they didnt have time to order my meds. i ended up staying on the ward till 9pm to have my night time meds, went back this morning for my morning meds and have to go back tonight to pick up my meds for the next two days (they only trust me to have 2 days worth) so have to go back on monday and will be left hanging around all day again no doubt!

sorry just having a rant. i dont know how they can send a patient on leave and give their bed away. i understand that there are other people who need to come into hospital too but i dont feel safe at home on my own. ive told them that but they dont care. they dont listen to what i say so whats the point. i might as well just tell them what they want to hear and be discharged completly i dont see the point in being under their care anymore when they completly go against what i want.

oh my god that sucks! i live in pennsylvania and our hospital is equally bad. it took them four hours to stick an IV in me, tell me i'm not pregnant, and tell me i have the flu. SO aggravating.
OMG!!! The cure is worse than the ailment. I hope it all gets better and at the very least consistent good care. Sending good thoughts your way. Blessings

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