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Posted by wildnfree , 13 October 2013 · 94 views

I don't know if anyone reads these or cares, but anyway I like writing here b/c it helps calm my nerves. I've written numerous times about my mom's ex and how she won't leave me alone.

I finally found a way to stop her from calling me, but now she's texting and calling from other numbers! I keep getting group texts from unknown numbers, but the one thing I notice is that her and her son's number are always in the list of other recipients. Like 1) why is she giving out my number to strangers to text me?? The only mutual people we know are people from church, and it's not them who's texting me and 2) why the hell won't she go away?

I wish I thought of my T's advice when she kept sending texts today. My T said if she texts me from unknown numbers, I should call her out then tell her to leave me alone for good. Wish I'd done that. That would've rattled her for sure :glare:

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