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9 months ago I left him................

Posted by youdontdefineme , 25 April 2013 · 66 views

:yahoo: It's been a little over 9 months since I left my abuser. He has contacted me several times to talk (to try and convince me to come back to him). He claims he has his cancer back. I don't believe it. I don't believe him because he has lied and lied about it before, so NO I don't believe him. He cries WOLF so much, I am not sure what to believe anymore and yet it doesn't matter really because I do not want him anylonger.

I divorced him in October of 2012. I am rid of the piece of shit and yet he continues to contact me, has his little whores contact me and of course he emails, texts, calls etc. I am sick of changing my number, the cops DO NOTHING TO HELP!, and I am far away enough to where he won't come drag me back luckily!

My abuser still mind fucks me into believing it was all ME who was the bad one! I know different. I am not perfect but I KNOW what he did to me and with other women behind my back and there is no way that is my fault!!!!!!!!!! His actions are his alone not mine! I never made him cheat or lie or do drugs behind my back! HE DID IT NOT ME! I am SICK of him blaming me for his illnesses!-drug addictions-etc. SICK OF IT! I could fucken' scream I am so sick of his mind fucking.(EXCUSE THE CURSING!)

It's been a few days since he contacted me however. He will go a few days and not bother me just enough to where I feel calm and safe and he is back at stalking me once again, hondering me to come home, telling me how worthless I am as a woman and yet says he loves me! UGHHH! sickening shit! sick of his lies, his stalking, name calling and all the fuckin' blame he puts off on me and I am the one who took care of HIM! Imagine that! He is a loser! I actually am starting to HATE HIM! It went from being in love to love to now HATE! Big time hate too! :bawling:

I am going back to VISIT my daughter who lives in the same state as my abuser. Although she lives 1 1/2 away from where he resides he heard I was visiting and texted me saying I best come see him, that if i don't it just shows him that I don't love him, (guilt trippin' me) and my actions (not being with him)proves I am done with him. I said "GOOD YOU ARE FINALLY GETTING THE HINT"----he continues to reply back alot of mind fucking bullshit and then he will just disappear and not text anymore. Then it is later he emails me or texts me with more guilt tripping shit he puts off on me! UGH! will it ever fucking end????????OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I've had enough.

Just had to vent.........

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