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kevin, mahoney and john.

Posted by SomebodyLoveMe , 28 June 2013 · 125 views

if you're going to be judgmental or have anything rude to say, i'm kindly asking you to remove yourself from this post now. most of you guys are going to that that this is absolutely ridiculous.

so my boyfriend's always had an interesting way of thinking. he and i were arguing yesterday about something, and he seemed a little different. so i flat out asked him what had been going on inside of his head. i didn't expect to hear that there are two little irish men in his head: mahoney and john. i personally find nothing wrong with that. everybody thinks their own way, and everybody needs to accept and respect that. this situation isn't good, but it isn't bad, either; it's just real. i don't think that they need therapy or a doctor or pills. yes, i've begun to refer to kevin "they." i accept this, and that's okay. so i've gotten to know them.

in a nut shell, mahoney is the troublemaker. he's aggressive and completely overprotective to the ones he loves. john is a peacemaking realist. he tries to see the bright side, but he looks at things from a realistic standpoint. i've noticed when kevin gets worked up he gets an irish accent. he came over to the united states from ireland when he was five, but i rarely to never catch an accent. so i guess that's mahoney taking over.

i don't feel like this is something i need to let 'sink in,' because i'm totally okay with it. it's uncommon, but i love and accept him for who he, or they, are. so now i love all three of them. later last night he told me i was the first person he had ever told, and he appreciated that i didn't judge him. when you love someone, you have to accept every last part of them.

I hope you don't find judgmental post or replies on Pandora's. I also don't think he or the situation is ridiculous. I do hope integration is possible because such division can be difficult and challenging to handle in life at times. I am all for acceptance with the view and understanding that if things are healthy, then great. If things were to become unhealthy then I believe in striving for other possibilities that lead to health. I battle with who I am versus who I portray that I am, and this is a draining life at times. I'm personally on a journey to learn to be authentic, which sounds easy, unless authentic doesn't fit social standards. Good luck to you guys.

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