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Anxiety Attack 2/6/14

Posted by anelisa , in Anxiety 08 February 2014 · 147 views

For a class of mine I was instructed to watch an informational video.
My roommate has frequent migraines that are made worse by light, so I decided that I would watch this video on my laptop in my floor's lobby.
The lobby, which is usually quiet, was crawling with girls. They were laughing obnoxiously loud. They spoke loud enough that even having both earbuds in with my volume at its max, I could still not hear a thing.
I could feel my irritation building. I felt a large amount of pressure in the space between my throat and my chest. 
I felt like I was suppressing a yell.
Most of the time I feel shaken like someone's yelling at me, distracting me, but that's in my head. Having people doing it on the outside just makes it worse.
The girls kept trying to talk to me.
Most days they ignore me, unless they want to know personal things about me...which they find funny and tend to talk to me in a mocking tone.
I was not in the mood for their nonsense.
My heart started to beat double time.
I felt REALLY hot.
Usually just my hands and feet will sweat, but it was my whole body this time.
I took my computer, left the lobby and lied on the floor in the hallway outside of my door.
I did deep breathing, but my heart was still beating out of my chest-I could see it.
The ceiling seemed to be distorted.
I felt drugged.
I retreated to my room as soon as the room stopped spinning. 
I took my daily medication and some Xanax.
I built a blanket fort over my bed to shield my roommate from the light of my computer.
I watched the Princess Bride 3x before I drifted off to sleep.
This is a fairly mild anxiety attack for me, considering I didn't vomit, pass out, or lash out at anyone.

Thinking of you, just wanted to say well done that you took control. I hate girls like that, there are plenty in my year group too :( My panic attacks start becoming more frequent if I'm angry or stressed - I feel completely lost in a blur

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