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One more blog for the day. The apology

Posted by Orchid , 19 March 2014 · 234 views

How many of us burn from hatred because an apology was never given.
This doesn't have to be just the pedophile's apology, but maybe the apology from the spouse, the neighbor, the coworker, the boyfriend, or girlfriend.
Why is an apology so difficult.  Why is it so important?  For me it shows that the other person finally recognizes me as a human of worth.  A human that deserves and is worth an apology.
It's not about me hearing them say they did something wrong, or rubbing it in their faces.  It's about hearing that I'm of worth and value as a human.
The apology.  Most of us will go to our grave wanting an apology from someone.
I'm sorry any of us had to suffer the pain we did.
I'm sorry for the hurt you have felt.
I'm sorry no one was there for you.
I'm sorry you have suffered alone.
I value the soul within you.
I value your worth as a human.
The abuse was not your fault.
I hope you find health
I hope you find laughter
I hope you find stability
I hope you shed the behaviors, memories, and pain left from the abuse.
I hope ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Mar 19 2014 08:48 PM

Thank you for this posting. It really touched my heart!

For me it shows that the other person finally recognizes me as a human of worth.  A human that deserves and is worth an apology.


Yes, Orchid, I know what you mean.  Receiving an apology conveys the idea that one has been seen and one's pain comprehended, which makes it a validation. This reminds me of the times when friends have forgotten to meet me or give me a lift somewhere.  This is hurtful in itself, but what hurts worse is the sense of humiliation at what seems to be a personal failure -  "She wouldn't have forgotten me if I had been more memorable; I have failed to signify anything to her".


Thank you for this and I AM sorry that you are hurting. :hug:

I didn't realize that I needed an apology. Then finally almost FIFTY years later, unexpectedly, I received such an apology. It meant so much to me. I couldn't believe that I had repressed and buried that need. It was wonderful. It was like he acknowledged that he understood, that I was a human being to me, that he felt guilty. (Just to clarify, it wasn't my rxpist that apologized.) It was the boy who left me and abandoned me in the aftermath.)

So anyway, that apology has lifted me up to a new level of lightness and brightness and the weird thing is that I didn't even know that I needed or wanted it. How we bury our feelings to survive. So, I guess that is truly something that I have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.
I hope you heal.
I hope you can move forward.
I hope he/she apologizes.
I hope you find peace.
I hope...

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