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Posted by Simpletruth , in Personal, Poetry 14 September 2013 · 84 views

I was almost out of the hole,
Till I called you a million times,
Out of breath.
Now I angry.
Cause it isn't fair.
That I'm still paying for the mistakes
Of those who didn't care.
Little girl,
Dreaming of death's freedom,
Well that ain't fair,
But you say that's life?
How long do I pay for this?
How long?
Till CAPE and futures are lost?
Till I'm ditched for my baggage?
How long?
That's why I stopped too,
Because the hypocrisy and lies worked both was,
I was looking out,
And looking in,
Hating both sights,
And screaming,
I'm not staying!
So walk away from me.
Walk away.
Because I can't stand anymore,
Hope is but a lie,
I know what happens,
And it isn't change,
It's the evident disappointment,
Of futile commitment,
To dreams that would never be realized.
I'm not enchanted with you.
And just like that,
I felt no more.
I don't know if I ever really felt at all.
Or if safety's call was loud enough for me to drown in the depths of you.
But there's the secret that is hidden in my bones.
I'm probably still waiting,
On a dream that'll die on the other side.
Because if it didn't go horrendously,
Then it wouldn't be my life.

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